We are a new group of people who love French Bulldogs.   The group was founded by people interested in Confirmation and Agility but also have friends in Obedience, Barn hunt, Scent work and more.  We want to Educate and Mentor others interested in the health and welfare of the French Bulldog.  We want people to be able to find reputable breeders in this group who have the best interest in the Breed.  We do screen our members so we can find only those who have the breeds first interest at heart.    With the internet involved we are concerned about the over-breeding and exploitation  of  French Bulldogs   We hear horror stories of  bad breeders , shady online breeders and sick puppies that do not even look like a French Bulldog being sold to people who later have their hearts broken.  We want to be a resource for our members to provide information  on the concerns of the health of the breed, and health testing that should be done before breeding.  We also want to mentor our members on options and avenues to purchase a new family member in the safest and most educated way.  Adding a new family member should never be an impulse decision.  The average French Bulldog lives between 10-15 years some even older.  This is a decision to be taken carefully as with any breed. 

 Looking for a quality AKC standard color  puppy?  Contact Nate at 763-595-9714